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Born 1967 in Stockholm, Sweden

Educated at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm , diploma 1992-2000

Editor of Nutida musik (Contemporary Music) and founder of the web magazine Tritonus 2001-2005

Mentor and responsable for seminars in aestethics at the institution for conducting and composing at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm Stockholm 2003-2005

For the rest of the time I've worked artistically with music, sound art, installations etc. in different projects.

Going on

Project 2021/22

Forever provisional

Crocheting and sound art

Creative school-project


Musik till vilda bin

Phonogram Tentakel Förlag

Silhouetted against the sun 2020

Phonogram Tentakel Förlag

2021 Release 13 of September 2021

My city block